The house is on fire!!!

Yesterday was a sad day for Beiranites! We lost our Biques restaurant to a fire that started in the early morning hours. Biques bar and restaurant has been a hotspot for expats and anyone passing through Beira. Many good times were had by all. Salute Biques!

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  1. Ross,
    Sorry to hear about Biques. Has it really been 16 years ago since I first stepped into that place with Christine…also sorry for your old man. Ray was a real charachter. I still remember him telling you to put Gary up on the wall by the TV…and you did! Take care and good luck with the re-build. I’ll come to the opening if invited!

  2. As someone who entered through those hallowed doors on the first opening day in circa 1995 very sad to hear this news. To be there when the RONCO mine clearing lads were on R&R at the same as InterOceans pilots, was something not to be missed!

  3. This had been the saddest night of my life and your photos have captured everything so amazingly. I have been snapping with my phone daily to post on the FB site but just looking at your picture of the stainless steel milk jug which we had just brought back from Zim when we brought the Old Man’s ashes down, the blue of the tea cups we had set out with the urn for the tea at the Memorial service made me feel again the intense grief and feelings of devastation I felt as I sat watching it all burn. Such a rollercoaster start to 2013.

    • I’m so sorry about Biques, a legendry place it was! I still remember our first meal at Biques so well – a huge platter of seafood! We had come down from Zim for an interview and our decision to move to Mozambique was set in stone after that meal! It was during the ‘hyper-inflation’ days in Zim, when we lived on Avo sandwiches for 6 months. So our Biques meal was a real treat!

      And also, so sorry to hear that Ray has passed, another legend altogether.

      I hope your new venture goes well, all the best 🙂

    • Yes it was sad, especially considering the owners had just released their fathers (the original owner) ashes into the sea that day. The good news is that they are apparently rebuilding Biques and so the legendry Biques bar will continue to pump!