Beira, an ugly duckling (with potential)

It’s the third time I’ve heard of someone wanting to purposefully travel to Beira for holiday reasons.

I must be honest, I quietly sniggered when they mentioned this outrageous suggestion, imagining taking them down the ‘ambient’ streets of Beira – strewn with sewage, drains blocked with litter, and pot holes so deep that you need 30 men to lift your vehicle out. Or taking them down to the beach for a dip where the water is brown with a hint of blue on a good day.

Beira is not pretty.

But after much thought and careful observation, I get it.

Beira IS very interesting. If architecture is your thing, photography and strong Espresso coffee – you’ll be more than pleased. In fact, Beira is fascinating. It’s a derelict city, oozing with character, steeped in history and is occupied by thousands of people, a true slum city.

It’s easy to be overcome by the ugliness of Beira. But thanks to photography, it has made me notice the detail, the patterns, the colours, the history and culture and the imperfections – and suddenly Beira is exploding with possibility.