To my dear Great grand daughter, will you know this piece of paradise?

Look no further, I have found paradise. Maybe I should not be sharing this with the world; maybe the only way for Pomene to remain a paradise is to keep her secret. What will come of places like this?

Will she be snatched up for development? Will she become a 5 star resort? Will her turquoise waters be streaked with the waves from speed boats and her pristine beaches scarred with tyre marks and litter?

Pomene is bitter sweet for me. I want to share her beauty, but I don’t want her changed.

I wonder to myself; will my children’s’ children get to experience a simple camping trip like this, where the surroundings still take your breath away every time you look up?

Or, in 50 years’ time, will their only experience of natural, untouched beauty come from the dusty photo albums that once belonged to their grandparents?


Their experiences are in our hands.