Bean Happy

l Ieft them with a bag of beans and told them that this was their chance to change everything.

I was not sure how Lourdes would cope – it being the second time ever venturing into a major city, on her own. Would she remember where to go, would she remember how to get back home? Would she remember to look left and right before crossing a road? Would she have saved up enough money to buy another bag of beans? Would she get this business going?

I went away for 2 weeks and hoped they would manage to kick start this small business without depending on me to make it work. I hoped they would take this opportunity to uplift their family, to escape their tragic circumstances and importantly to restore their dignity.

I visited them today. And I don’t know who was more happy – them or me!

(If you do not know the story of Rudi, an amazing woman who has lost most of her children and grandchildren to Aids and has brushed shoulders with death a number of times herself- please take the time to read my previous post – A token plastic elephant, my silent promise.)

Lourdes (Rudi’s grand daughter) had made the journey into Beira on her own and bought a second bag of beans from the money she had made from the bag I had bought her.

This may seem trivial to you. I mean for goodness sake, we’re talking about a bag of beans! How can a bag of beans change lives?

And that’s just it, it can and is changing their lives. They are generating enough money to buy food and medicine AND to buy more beans! Rudi and her family are back in business!

My point is this, don’t turn your back. Don’t assume that you need to move mountains to help someone.

Because, sometimes it just takes a bag of beans.