The time when time stopped.

This poem….if it’s even a poem, (I’m not an expert) is for my dear friend Erika who has been in a coma and is fighting for recovery.

It’s times like these that time stops.A time when we take a serious look at our life, a time to see what is important and what is not. Seeing my special friend tubed up in the hospital and currently semi unconscious,something we only expect to see on Greys anatomy… well it makes you think. Besides the immense fear of losing someone I love – this situation also kicks ars! It makes me really want to give a good go at life. It makes me realize that our time is short and that at any time it can be over. That life is precious. That I want to get started…

I have been in a remote area in South Africa for the last few weeks with an incredibly shitty internet connection! Therefore, no blog posts!
This week I’m simply going to publish a few Zulu South African portraits that I’ve taken while being on my family farm. And of course my amateur poem for my most awesome friend who is fighting for her life and who is always so supportive of my work. Thank you Bakkies, you positively rock – I am so blessed to have a friend like you.

To my dearest friend Erika:

There is a time in life where time simply stops, where every beat of your heart is recognized in its purest
form; as life, as living, as surviving.

It’s during that time that we question our existence, we question our choices and we question our direction.
It’s a fierce blow to our very existence;
relentless and violent, swift and never expected.

It mocks everything we thought we knew,
It tortures us with thoughts of separation, of abandonment, of helplessness –
It dangles ripe berries of love in our face, and then threatens to rip it away.

The face of death – she stares impassively, hardened by frequency.
But do not be afraid; that time when time stops.
Look her in the eyes. And drink in the beauty of your life.
See everything you are and everything you still need to be.
This is your moment. This is your clarity.
This is the start of your life.