Retreat to KwaZulu Natal

The good news is that we have been granted residency in Malawi. The bad news for us is that we are still waiting for the official letter stating such facts. And until that happens, our furniture and belongings cannot be transported from Mozambique to Malawi.  We are currently in the middle of an 8 week school holiday. I have dug holes in my garden and filled them up with water, making mud baths for the kids. I have bought and tried every bottle of pre-made pasta sauce and every flavor of 2 minute noodles to cook one at a time on my single plated gas stove. I have stared at every wall in my house and imagined how I will one day decorate it. I have ripped up my entire garden and redesigned it. And I have become an avid Facebooker!

I booked my flight back home to South Africa when I heard that the ‘printing’ of the residency document can take up to 3 weeks.  And once that is done, the removal company’s application for exportation of goods can take further 3 weeks.

Farm   birding 052

God help me, I was well on the way to becoming a raving mad, lost, lunatic. And in such times, where better to go other than to a ‘home’ you know? So I loaded up the kids and jetted off to KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Now is a good time to be back ‘home’ on the farm I grew up on. And wait there for a bit!

Aloe   Kings Grant 110

There is something special about being on the farm in the thick of winter, something that makes me want to put my feet up on the coffee table and let the crackling fire warm my toes while I sip on a glass of Old Browns sherry! My home on the farm is a place of familiar comfort and a place that holds a life time of memories, a place that soothes the soul no matter what.

Drakensberg 644    birding 072

It’s a place where all dreams were born. I remember the mid night rides on my horse under starry winter skies, listening to the call of the African Nightjar and the howls of nearby jackal and dreaming of places I’d like to go. On my midnight rides, I imagined my life!

Reflection  Moonlit nights   Reflection 2

birding 132    Eagle Owl

20 years on, and I’m looking back while in the midst of the life I had imagined. And though I sometimes find this move tough, I see it for what it is. It’s me living the life I want; one of travel and adventure, of meeting new people and of being challenged. While things may be difficult now, it’s only a paragraph of a long story, yet the beginning of a new chapter.

I have another week left on the farm, of living comfortably!

Drakensberg 034     The Brickfield, Kings Grant

I will return to Malawi shortly. But reality check, Malawi is truly going to become home when that big, mother removals truck pulls into my yard. In fact, opening those boxes is going to be like fecking Christmas!

I have just received an email from my husband. He says that the big hold up for the ‘issuing of the residency’ document is LACK OF INK!!!  The immigration department has run out of ink to print documents. 3 weeks on, we wait….. and wait….and wait….and wait some more!