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  1. I’m always encouraged to hear about other moms who, against all practicalities and reason and while their husband is not available to pitch in and help, do the more difficult thing and get out of the house. It is a mental hurdle, but almost always worth it. On another note, we did a short two days all inclusive in Liwonde a couple years ago and it was fabulous. I imagine you’re thinking ‘hmm, I could get used to this!’ That’s how I felt.


    • Oh yes, I was thinking I should have booked 2 nights and not 1! A mental hurdle describes how I felt perfectly – a little hesitant to set off somewhere I have never been before, just me and the kids, in a country that is still fairly new to me. But one that has lifted an invisible barrier and that has been quite inspiring. I have since done another impromptu trip to a new destination with the kids and a friend.

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    • Thanks Margie, it was special 🙂 Not only did we have fun, I had to sharpen up my knowledge of changing tyres, repairing punctures etc. Thankfully it was not needed, but always a good idea to know how to deal with such a situation should something go wrong on a trip like this!

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