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  1. I am jealous! Malawi coffee is incredible. I tell coffee roasters about it all the time and they raise an eyebrow as if they’ve never heard of Malawi before (which they probably haven’t). We bought bags of Njuli coffee at the store when we were there. It was a sad day when it ran out. We live in Romania and for several months the store carried a single origin Malawi from Mapanga Estate. Alas, the store doesn’t carry it any more and we are out once again. I guess it’s just time to visit Malawi again to stockpile some more.

    • That’s exactly what I’m doing now. Flying to SA for a quick pre-moving trip and stocking up our bags with Malawi coffee and about 20 bottles of my favourite chilli sauce!

    • Yes we are 🙂 We’ve been offered a great opportunity in South Africa. After many years away, it’s time to go back home! I’m going to miss this expat life so much! But I’m very excited about the move and what might come of it! It will be like re-discovering South Africa all over again!

    • Hi Lianne, you have made my day – I spent the first ten years of my life on the Namingomba Tea estate, not far from the row of little shops.
      Went back about 5 years ago with my sisters who were born up there. Very little had changed! Loved all your quotes especially Vera’s!

    • Thank you Bart 🙂 I hope as refreshing as a morning cup of coffee!!! And thank you Beth – I’m glad to know this post is bringing back some good memories! Living in Nchalo with this crazy heat makes a trip to Thyolo absolute bliss!