Noisy tourists spotted in KZN game reserve

Sometimes we go to a game park and see ‘nothing.’ Just the old elephant bull and his eyes that seem to penetrate our dark souls, reading us like we’re a page in his book, drama unfolding.


Or the rhinos in mid charge, in a cloud of red dust and with a swarm of blood-sucking flies, following faithfully – indifferent to us.


Or the giraffe that casually peers over the top of an acacia tree; her head and neck being cleared of ticks and other annoying insects. She watches us with interest; fumbling for cameras and binoculars and grunting some sounds she has no understanding of. She takes another mouthful of leaves and walks on.


But the buffalo – moody, irritable – and glaring at us with one eye, daring us to come nearer – imagining what it would be like to ram his left horn into the shiny hard body.  “Is it possible to get some peace in this place?”

buffalo-stare-downAs for the impala, he hears the rumbling of the idling engine. But he’s seen so many of us – noisy obnoxious animals – and he’s bored now.

The ‘red billed ox pecker plunges it’s sharp beak into his ear, instantly relieving him of an annoying ‘itch.’ The ‘rumbles of the engine’ become quieter – slowly moving off into the distance, disappearing altogether. And peaceful preening resumes.


“Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.” – Stewart Udell