37 years on, Mugabe steps down

These last few days have been insane. 5 days ago it was snowing and today it’s 37 degrees. It’s been a long hot day and we’ve been sitting on the verandah, enjoying a ‘sundowner’ and a catch up chat, as you do!

From no-where, a tremendous wind picked up. The trees were bending and ominous fast moving black clouds appeared over the green hills like an army preparing for war, with wispy tentacles scouting the blue sky. The winds of change, I thought.

Just then, my phone began to rumble, followed by an onslaught of ‘TINGS’ as if the black clouds had dropped a thousand hailstones on the old wooden table. What could possibly be so urgent that within a couple of minutes, I’d  received 30 whatsapp messages? Something big.

The first message had no words – simply emoji’s of champagne bottles, beer chinking glasses, wine and happy faces! It was instantly obvious. Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, has finally resigned at the age of 93 years old. After an astounding 37 years of rule tainted by torture, murder, displacement in the hundreds and thousands and the bankruptcy and destruction of Zimbabwe – once known as the breadbasket of Africa – Robert Mugabe has stepped down, before he died! No-one expected this. Everyone believed only ‘his death’ would allow change. What an incredible day today has been, 21 November 2017 – history made. Today is a day of HOPE. After so many years, Zimbabweans have seen the first glimmer of light at the end of a long, dark, tunnel.

“A nation that makes the final sacrifice for life and freedom does not get beaten.”

– Kemal Ataturk

Zim boder jumpers