Kings Grant Country Retreat: Somewhere different

I grew up on the farm next door to Kings Grant, but my early memories of Kings Grant were very different to what it is now. Back then, it wasn’t a lodge, but still a working farm and maize mill belonging to the Catholic Church. The farm manager’s daughter was my childhood best friend and I have many vivid memories of our days as Tweens, followed by the dreaded teens – much to our parent’s dismay! Back then, the St Isidore farm (now Kings Grant) was my retreat while navigating the turbulent years of  teenager-hood! I have so many memories of this old farm and little did I know, while dreaming of travelling the big wide world, this little place in Ixopo, would continue to play a part in my life much later.

Many years on, since those days of being a teenager, my family bought the property and my mother transformed the old farm house, mill and dairy into what is now – Kings Grant Country Retreat.

Chapel Gardens (2)

Kings Grant Country Retreat (3)

Our playground; the place where we learned what it is to feel free and how to ride a horse bareback, galloping across fields with no fear.

Kings Grant

It’s different here. It’s Ixopo after all. It’s not your Midlands Meander or your mountain resort. It’s simply in the country and it’s what you will make of it. You won’t be entertained but you can explore. You can sit next to the Brickfield dam, read a novel or have a social gathering. We do it all the time. It’s our favourite Sunday spot. Friends and family meet at the dam, light up a fire and chat while the kids canoe, fish and swim. It’s simply about being in a beautiful place and making what you will of it. A bit like living on a farm.

Misty Spring morning

A misty sunrise at the Brickfield Dam

Old red brick

The red bricks that make Kings Grant were all fired at the farm Brickfield Dam


These rooms were once part of the main house. The bedroom was the lounge in which I remember watching countless MNET movies and playing Pac-man, television still being a novelty at the time. And the bathroom was the kitchen. Here we helped ourselves to hot dogs and coke! Something that was not a ‘staple’ in my own home!


The Banqueting hall, originally the farm dairy.

The Restaurant was once a cow and calf hospital. It’s seeing better days now!

Accommodation in Ixopo

The Catholic Sisters’ dining room and the first Kings Grant Restaurant

This is now Room 7, originally the dining room for the Catholic sisters. It was also the  first (very small) restaurant/dining room of Kings Grant, seating up to 12 people at a push! At one point I was the chef here, as well as the waitress and ‘restaurant manager’! That big door which now leads to the bathroom once led to some very steep stairs down to the bottom-storey kitchen. I cant count the number of times I cursed those steps when carrying a number of hot plates up to the customers! It’s now one of my favourite rooms with a balcony overlooking the cobbled walkways and gardens. Much more relaxing than a kitchen!

Kings Grant gardens

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colours are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.” – Elizabeth Lawrence

Kings Grant Ixopo

“For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.”
― John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things


The Mill Museum and Blacksmith

Back then, the mill didn’t look this polished. A thick layer of maize ‘dust’ settled on almost everything. What is now the conference room was once the maize storage room, piled high with bulging sacks of milled maize, a kids paradise. Many a times, we’d emerge from the mill after hours of play, looking like white ghosts, covered from head to toe in a coat of powder.

Chapel gardens

Kings Grant Country Retreat

Self Catering Suite – Originally the men’s sleeping quarters

Kings Grant is situated a few kilometers outside of Ixopo in Southern KwaZulu-Natal. If you’re in the area, feel like a bite to eat, travelling Route R56, enjoy history, love the outdoors or simply feel like going somewhere beautiful and a little different, it’s in my unbiased (!) opinion that you should pop in! And if after this Christmas season, you need a holiday from a holiday, Kings Grant will be offering a 30% discount for the entire month of January for a 2 night stay in their superior rooms. For all enquiries and bookings, phone +27 (0)39 8342 730 or email

Kings Grant Website:

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates

South African birdlife

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  1. Kings Grant got my vote a long time ago and now so does your fabulous Blog:) I enjoyed the art classes we had there with Tim Quirke and the tranquility of the gardens and just the inner peace one gets of being there is so special. I’ve enjoyed many great meals and delicious coffee shared with friendsover the years. Looking forward to taking my grandies for a picnic soon. I think you will soon be the Big Fish good luck.

    • Thank you so much Mary – been wanting to enter this competition for a while and am able to now that we are living in South Africa! My blog is a little fish in a big pond 🙂 Thanks for the vote! Have a great festive season!