Farm photography: Flying green mealies!

I woke up early this morning to capture ‘Green Mealies’ (maize) being harvested and loaded onto trucks, bound for the Durban market! Green mielies are a firm favourite for South Africans. Here in KwaZulu-Natal, at many road intersections, you’ll see great big cast iron pots bubbling away on a wood fire, filled to the brim with green mealies – the perfect meal when on the road, cheap as chips and a healthy alternative to a greasy takeaway!

I’ve been busy building up my Farm Documentary portfolio for my photographic website which will be live very soon! Building a website, or more so, building a photographic portfolio with my direction in mind, is a monumental task and has been the very reason that my Africa far and wide blog has been ghostly quiet! I’ll be back soon though, in full swing! Though I’ve missed spending time on my blog and have been having insane ‘travel’ withdrawal symptoms, working on my website has given me tremendous direction. I’m very excited for the future of my blog and my photography career. I count my blessings every day that ‘photography’ is my work and the way I spend my time!

Load zone

Green Mielies



Farm Documentary

Corn Collection

Big throw

Sorting mielies

Farm worker

I’ll be back soon!

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