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Escape to the Wild Coast

For my 4oth, we escaped for a quick weekend to this little piece of paradise, Msikaba. By far, it’s one of my favourite beach destinations on the wild coast. It’s rustic and remote with no cell phone signal or electricity and not an ounce of luxury or commercialism! Accommodation at Msikaba includes privately owned fishermen’s cottages, a fairly basic campsite and Drifters Cabins which are used as a stopover for ‘slack packers’ hiking from Port St Johns to Msikaba. They are also available for non-hikers and are located right on the beach. To the north of Msikaba, on the otherside of the river, is the Mkambati Nature Reserve. To the right about 10 kilometers down the coast, is Port Grosvenor, another remote little fishing village and also the location of more Drifters accommodation.

The allure of the Wild Coast is very much it’s remoteness and it’s beauty. Here is a part of South Africa that is true to its name, it really is wild and undeveloped.

As usual, our stay was short and limited to a weekend. So we maximised every hour of the day, including a compulsory beach afternoon nap! We explored the area too and took a drive down to Port Grosvenor, the location of the famous 1782 Grosvenor shipwreck, said to have been loaded with treasure.

Another must for every Msikaba visitor is to explore the small rocky Msikaba island during low tide. At low tide, you are able to walk there on dry land, though keep an eye out for the changing tides! It quickly fills up again and you may have to swim back! This island is the location of the Portuguese Sao Bento shipwreck. It had been carrying cargo which included china and beads. And to this day, small fragments of blue and white china and ruby coloured beads are still washed up onto the island. A morning of treasure hunting is always fun for the kids!

For the most part of this weekend, I left my camera at the cottage we were staying in. But not all of the time! Here are some images from the weekend that I managed to snap. I have visited Msikaba many times in my 40 years, but it’s one place that I never get bored of! There is always something new to discover and it’s beauty is timeless!

Fisherman's cottage

Msikaba (6)

Msikaba (10)

Msikaba Island(3)


Road to Port Grosvenor

Port Grosvenor fishermen cottages (1)

Road to Port Grosvenor

The road to Port Grosvenor. Drifters is on the other side of the bay and river and is not accessed on this particular road.


Cattle (2)

Cattle (5)

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