Antananarivo Cityscapes

Antananarivo is like nowhere I’ve been. It’s part of Africa but it’s nothing like it. Sometimes it takes on an old European feel, with narrow cobbled streets and grand architecture that you would expect to find in France or Rome or Greece! Cuba also comes to mind, with it’s vintage taxi’s and the distinct feeling that time has stood still. Sometimes it feels like somewhere in Asia with its Imerina people who are of mixed origins but predominantly of Indonesian-Malay and the small plots of rice paddies that surround the city. It’s French/Malagasy cuisine from Foie Gras to fillet of Zebu, it’s incredible history of Malagasy queens and kings and palaces upon hills that beam bright lights over the entire city, reminding us always of where we are. And the names of kings that nearly stretch across an entire page like the legendary Merino King ANDRIANAMPOINIMERINA.

Here are a few of my last images of our trip to Madagascar a couple years ago!


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  1. That is breathtaking photography. Thanks for bringing up Antananarivo pulsating in all its old world charm. The image where the sun is rising over the town while the foreground is in shade is a gem.


  2. this is awesome :-),very beautiful pictures.The old architectures were actually designed by Europeans during the colonization and the french culture has most influenced ours especially in Antananarivo so it s normal if you get this feeling 🙂


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