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I turned 40 a few months ago and it’s a fabulous thing! It’s that age where you get serious with yourself and you ask yourself some big life questions. It’s the half way mark (if you are lucky) and the opportunity to take a good look at how things are going so far.

As I mention in my About page, this blog seems to take on a new life with every new country that we have moved to since I started it. Turning 40 has been almost as big as moving to a new country and my personal journey is very much an influence when it comes to blog material. As many of you know, I truly value my experience as an expat, of experiencing many different cultures, places and people. Living in Mozambique was a life changer for me. It gave me a broader view of life than what I had had before. I became more tolerant of people ‘different’ to me. I met people with incredible stories of survival and I shared some of those stories with you on this blog in its early days.

I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions these days with regards to the direction of my photography business and my Africa far and wide blog. While travel is a natural favourite topic of mine, I’ve truly missed the storytelling about people’s life experiences.

And so as turning 40 so magnificently does, it prompts you to hurry up and get on track with the things that make you tick and that there is no better time than now. So here goes, the introduction of a new category called Human Documentaries, inspired by my interest in peoples’ stories!

These documentaries will include both photographic and written storytelling which I hope will be thought provoking, educational and inspirational.

The first Human Documentaries blog will be published soon!

I hope you enjoy 😊

Lianne Ashton (Author and owner of the Africa far and wide blog)

Read some of my older blog posts about the lives and experiences of some of the toughest and most resilient people I know!

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  1. Hi Lianne…I have been reading your latest post…..good to hear from you again…..and I am looking forward to reading this new documentary on your blog. So excited you are doing so well with your photographing…..”around Africa “. Sending love and greetings to you, Pip and the kids. It was great to see Elysia and Bruce last week, and as for little Olivia…..I say no more. 😍 Lotsa love Lyn and JP xx

    • Thanks Mike, yep you are right about the human angle! I’m opening up that old door I so enjoyed and hopefully it will be the start of plenty more interesting content!

    • Excellent 🙂 I’ll keep plugging away with the planet and its details. I’ve only found two countries where portraiture was plentiful and irresistible.