Quiet, calm and starry nights at Kings Grant Country Retreat

This beautiful place is waiting patiently; Winter is taking hold and turning the leaves from green to yellow and red. The nights are crisp, with uninterrupted starry skies. The barn owl hoots, while perched atop the brass chapel bell and a lone hare hops about the garden, nibbling on the last of the green shoots. The redbrick walls tower above cobbled walkways and the old grapevine clings to it, like an old couple going through life together. In the distance, a stream trickles through reeds and willow trees. Monkey’s prepare to roost as they clamber up the ancient cedar wood tree, squabbling for the biggest branch, bellies full with pecan nuts and wild fruit.

Here, the century old buildings watch with interest, as a new kind of quiet settles in the valley and human activity becomes a rare sight. If I stand very still and listen carefully, I’m sure I can hear the walls whispering ‘the stories of a century’ and how ‘time’ goes on, anyway.

Kings Grant Country Retreat (Accommodation, conferencing, weddings, museum and restaurant) is near Ixopo in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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