How to be a happy Expat

It’s easy to romanticise the Mozambique experience, imagining we all live on the edge of a pristine beach with silky white sands and turquoise water lapping at our feet. We crack open coconuts… Continue reading

Who put your prawns on your plate?

I’ve been looking for a Pungwe River fisherman for some time. And today I found him. We hear so many stories about these men; how they often get taken by crocs during the… Continue reading

Bean Happy

l Ieft them with a bag of beans and told them that this was their chance to change everything. I was not sure how Lourdes would cope – it being the second time… Continue reading

Manual, The Gentle Soldier

When I think of Manual, I can’t help associating his experience with the box office hit, Forrest Gump. It seems that for a good part of his life, this gentle man, was running… Continue reading

To my dear Great grand daughter, will you know this piece of paradise?

Look no further, I have found paradise. Maybe I should not be sharing this with the world; maybe the only way for Pomene to remain a paradise is to keep her secret. What… Continue reading

Beira, an ugly duckling (with potential)

It’s the third time I’ve heard of someone wanting to purposefully travel to Beira for holiday reasons. I must be honest, I quietly sniggered when they mentioned this outrageous suggestion, imagining taking them… Continue reading

The Fallen Angel in the pit of Poverty: Rudi

  She walked barefoot and semi-naked through lion territory. She hid in burrows of wild animals to avoid the bullets of ruthless soldiers and dangerous animals. She sacrificed her marriage of many years.… Continue reading

This Household will not make the News Headlines.

At a glance, you may be thinking ‘just another poverty-stricken family in Africa – quick, pull out the wallet and donate some dollars!’ On a closer look, this little household is thriving. It’s… Continue reading

A Token Plastic Elephant, my silent promise

  The story of Rudi A token plastic elephant, my silent promise A few months back, I met an incredible woman. She was walking alongside a dusty, endless road, very slowly and noticeably… Continue reading