The Grande Hotel; I finally got in!

I can’t  count how many times I have driven past the Grande Hotel, staring up at this magnificent, yet derelict building and wondering how to get in! I can hear some of my… Continue reading

Is Mozambique Safe? Post Election Update

When driving into Beira last week, I got stuck in a traffic jam. Hundreds of campaigners were on the move and their dancing and singing boodies had occupied most of the road. I… Continue reading

Is Mozambique safe?

There are many questions being asked right now about the safety of Mozambique. Should the South Africans cancel their Christmas beach holidays? Should the expats be stocking up with tinned food for the… Continue reading

The business of food

When we first moved to Mozambique, the food was something of an ordeal. After experiencing food shortages in Zimbabwe due to the hyper-inflation, I was beside myself with excitement when we got the… Continue reading

The begining of the end?

We drove in silence. Talking wasn’t necessary anymore. We shared the same thoughts; the same thoughts as many others who turn down the long road that cuts through the Mozambican bush to Maputo.… Continue reading

Traveling in Army convoy

The time when time stopped.

This poem….if it’s even a poem, (I’m not an expert) is for my dear friend Erika who has been in a coma and is fighting for recovery. It’s times like these that time… Continue reading

How to cope with cold weather – the Mozambican way

I once lived in the UK, Scotland in fact. It felt like the prelude to life in the arctic. From growing up in sunny South Africa, accustomed to a fairly mild climate, Scotland… Continue reading

The Enchanted land of The Vumba

If someone asked me why I love the Vumba – it would be for this: I’m not a golfer. Yet the Vumba has a certain kind of magic that makes me want to pick… Continue reading