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Hiking up Mulanje Massif with children

It was our second to last weekend in Malawi and the day before Easter. The TV droned on, babbling on about something unimportant, on and on and on! I could see how this… Continue reading

Born in Mozambique

Her entire future would cost her less than an American cent. But the person who killed her dream, was the person she believed held the key to her freedom.

Grade 1 Exam, Malawi style!

I had a good chuckle at my daughter’s first term Grade one multiple choice exam questions. This is when you truly know you are living in Malawi! (The following questions were from various… Continue reading

Sunset Soccer

When the sun dips down and the scorched earth begins to cool, these boys meet on the pitch for a game of foot ball. It happens once a week on a Saturday. They… Continue reading


Today we celebrate mothers. With all our faults, our strengths and different beliefs, the core of motherhood is universal; it’s driven by love. “No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism,… Continue reading

The Fallen Angel in the pit of Poverty: Rudi

  She walked barefoot and semi-naked through lion territory. She hid in burrows of wild animals to avoid the bullets of ruthless soldiers and dangerous animals. She sacrificed her marriage of many years.… Continue reading

Finally, Mozambique pays their weather taxes. It rains!