Tag: Lianne Ashton Photography

Quiet, calm and starry nights at Kings Grant Country Retreat

This beautiful place is waiting patiently; Winter is taking hold and turning the leaves from green to yellow and red. The nights are crisp, with uninterrupted starry skies. The barn owl hoots, while perched atop the brass chapel bell and a lone hare hops about the garden, nibbling […]

Sandstorm approaching; know when to hold it, know when to fold it and know when to run!

There were arctic gale force winds for 2 solid days and our flimsy tents and broken bodies could not take another assault. It was time to pack up and make haste! We left just in time. We closed the Koiimasis farm gate, and sped off down the beautiful […]

Notties Hotel: It’s changed so much, even the ghost has left.

I’ve had 3 experiences of Nottingham Road Hotel. The first experience was when I was a student and the famous pub was our final destination. The second time was when we were down from Mozambique (our home at the time) and were looking for reasonably priced Midlands Meander […]

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