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Walking in Mulanje’s wild gardens

It seems impossible as one looks out towards Mozambique in the not so far distance, that a place like this exists here, a unique and beautiful landscape with wild flowers, ferns, lichen and moss.

Hiking up Mulanje Massif with children

It was our second to last weekend in Malawi and the day before Easter. The TV droned on, babbling on about something unimportant, on and on and on! I could see how this… Continue reading

A Valentines Day (and night) I will not forget!

Most countries have their ‘hot spot;’ a place or experience that attracts tourists in their thousands and that basks in the light of international fame. In South Africa, it’s Table Mountain. In Zimbabwe,… Continue reading

Freeze I said.

Look at you, angry world. Be still. Stop and think. Let it be Winter, if only for a minute and freeze the wrath of humankind. See the face etched with a scowl, white… Continue reading

I stepped into a painting.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I had forgotten how beautiful they are. But with my first glimpse of the Drakensberg mountains in Kwazulu Natal, it was like seeing an… Continue reading

The Enchanted land of The Vumba

If someone asked me why I love the Vumba – it would be for this: I’m not a golfer. Yet the Vumba has a certain kind of magic that makes me want to pick… Continue reading

A White Horse in the clouds

When I visit the Vumba Mountains, I feel like I’m being swept up in a fairy-tale, a make belief world! For me this enchanting land stirs up the memories and imagination of a… Continue reading