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The story of a gentle soldier

Read about Manual’s incredible story; on fleeing slavery, on sailing to Asia and surviving a guerrilla war…

Mario, the Malawian from Mozambique

“I lived in Mozambique many years ago. I was born there. My family came to Malawi when the  war broke out between the Mozambicans and the Portuguese. My grandfather died while travelling on… Continue reading

10 days left to find someone who cares.

I wish it was as simple as throwing money at a problem. I wish I could throw money at this problem. But I can’t. In fact I’m half certain that within the month… Continue reading

The story of a Congolese Refugee

For some, including myself, the world is a small place. I have friends and family who reside in the States, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. We stay connected with the help of internet,… Continue reading

The night she escaped death

After midnight, everything was still. Even the crickets had packed up their instruments and called it a night. The only thing that could be heard was the occasional gush of the great Zambezi… Continue reading

On the midnight ride to war

It was all a lie. After working as a chef in a popular hotel in Beira for eleven years, he believed his efforts and hard work had finally been recognized. He had been… Continue reading

Manual, The Gentle Soldier

When I think of Manual, I can’t help associating his experience with the box office hit, Forrest Gump. It seems that for a good part of his life, this gentle man, was running… Continue reading

The Fallen Angel in the pit of Poverty: Rudi

  She walked barefoot and semi-naked through lion territory. She hid in burrows of wild animals to avoid the bullets of ruthless soldiers and dangerous animals. She sacrificed her marriage of many years.… Continue reading