‘Who will raise the roof’

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  1. Is this the hotel? I remember my husband and I travelled from the then Rhodesia to Beira and on to L.M. (Maputo) for our honeymoon in 1973 and turned off the main road in our old Peugeot station wagon to Pomeni. What an adventure, it was not far, or so the map showed but unbeknown to us we had to travel on a single lane sand road (I don’t know what would have happened if anyone came the other way) through “jungle”. We couldn’t turn back so had to press on and what a wonderful surprise we had when we finally arrived – Everyone was very surprised to see us in our old car and no 4×4! The hotel was packed with South African tourists that had “buzzed” the hotel and were collected at the airfield. We never saw it. So we camped in our car for the one night, (there was no campsite!) and woke up to giggles and laughter, we were being watched by all the children and staff from the hotel!! We then booked in and had a wonderful time walking the miles and miles of amazing beaches and standing at the top of the cliffs watching the guys Kite fishing and the sea blowing through the cliffs, huge manta rays flying – absolutely paradise I agree.

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